The future of quote management

With Kwōt, your library is in your pocket

The Problem

Do you often find yourself struggling to recall quotes you’ve read or heard? If you're like us, you've tried to keep quotes in a journal, underlined them in a book, bookmarked blogs, or used some tool that wasn't designed for managing quotes. You are not alone and we want to help!

Never lose a quote again!

Kwōt was built by passionate quote-keepers that don’t want to forget the quotes that have impacted them, challenged them, and intrigued them. They built Kwōt because even though words are powerful, they’re too-often forgotten. They’re misplaced, accidentally deleted, or left on a bookshelf… but not anymore.Kwōt provides a seamless & beautiful experience of collecting, categorizing, and recalling quotes.

You’re like us—you've tried to keep quotes in a journal, underlined them in a book, bookmarked blogs, logged them into Notes, Evernote, Reminders, or some other tool that simply didn’t work.

Capture, Organize, Recall

Logging your quotes into Kwōt puts your library in your pocket, making it possible in any moment for you to capture the quotes you read, the lyrics you heard, the idea you conceived—and tag it for easy recall when you really need it.

Stay tuned, because continued integrations with your camera, Google Chrome, and more are on their way, as are more robust source fields, collaboration, and sharing.

The Solution

At Kwōt, are working to make the best quote app on the market. To do that, we’re exploring all possibilities of technology and UI and UX design. Our intention is to push the boundaries of what’s possible, while making sure our app provides the essential functionality to make quote storage and recall a seamless experience.

We’re days away from releasing our initial prototype to a select group of early adopters. This prototype will deliver invaluable feedback to us as we continue to evolve our technology into something truly revolutionary.

The Library in your Pocket

Easy Capture

Collect found quotes quickly and intuitively

Organization System

Create tags to categorize your quotes for easy access

Simple Recall

Hop in the app to refresh your memory

Our Team

The Kwōt team is a committed team of designers, developers, and business-minded product people. We are a Venture Lab team, Crema’s internal incubator for brilliant ideas. We also love quotes, and are amazed that no one has done this yet.

Nicholas Reynolds


Justin Mertes


Brandon Blackman


Justin Klaas

Lead Developer

Mary Carnes


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